First tracks ever – written and recorded! in progress

So last week I sat down and tried to write some songs, the first time I tried was years ago, and they were rubbish. I think these ones are a bit better, the one at the end of this post was inspired by living in China for a few years. If you ever come here, especially to Yangshuo you’ll understand – you can’t go anywhere or relax anywhere without some Chinese guy trying to take a photo of the foreigner. So came about Starin’ Glarin’ Man.

Drums are done on MIDI in Cubase, vocals, bass and guitars done by yours truly, as well as a few effects added courtesy of the KORG Kaossilator. The drums could do with some fills and changing during the breakdown, and I’m sure a million other things, but for now I’ll off to record another one – hope you enjoy!

PS. Just put together a couple of other tracks today, calling it a day after this though!

Starin’ Glarin’ Man

Better Time

Is It Me Talking?