Home recording studio

The joys of Tao Bao

Home recording setup

For those of you not in China or don’t know about Taobao it’s basically eBay on steroids. As you can imagine, you can buy pretty much anything, and so cheap! From £8 motorbike petrol tanks, £1 for noise-cancelling in-ear headphones, to £2.50 Rolex watches. With all the products manufactured in the country they can afford to sell at such low prices.

My latest purchases were a £6 Shure SM-58 and a £68 B2audio 8-channel mixing desk. Not including the laptop, the whole setup, consisting of a large desk, sub and speakers, mic, mic stand, electro-acoustic guitar, harmonica, mixing desk, cables and headphones was only £260! I’ll have some recordings up soon so take a listen for yourself!

The flashy green lights are eminating from a box whose insides consist of magic and wonder, the KORG Kaossilator Pro+, a multi-effects unit with four separate loop channels all capable of being over-dubbed. A big pricey at £250 buch a lot of fun. I first saw it being used by a friend if mine, Jiang Liang, a famous dreadlock-sporting, Rastafarian Chinaman at the forefront of Chinese dub reggae, a very cool guy. He had his mini-strat plugged into it, looping reggae chips before the drummer and bassist kicked in whilst he layered loop after loop eventually creating a wall of sound, I knew I had to get one!

Anyways, stay tuned for some recordings!